Would you like to have offer more than just beer & wine at your event? Not a problem! We are prepared to handle all of your drink preferences!


Add on your favorite signature cocktails to your Party Package booking, and we will supply all the necessary mixers, garnishes, cups and straws necessary to make it happen!


* Batch sizes are based on the number of servings each bottle of liquor will yield. Each additional batch ordered will require 1 additional liter of liquor. Example: 60 Servings of Whiskey Coke (Batch Size: 15 Servings  x Qty. 4) will require 4 liters of Whiskey.


* Due to TABC regulations, alcohol is not included. Customer is responsible for providing all alcohol for their event. We provide all other necessary items including mixers, garnishes, ice, plastic cups, straws, etc.

Signature Cocktails